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Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, it’s pretty easy to course correct. To treat dry and brittle nails, apply a moisturizing strengthener that’ll restore much-needed hydration. Make sure to cut, shape, and file your nails regularly to help prevent further breakage. For soft and brittle nails, wear rubber gloves while washing the dishes or performing any other household chore that involves getting your nails wet. Apply a weekly nail strengthener that improves your nail’s thickness and health, steering clear of formulas with formaldehyde in them.

We gathered the best nail strengtheners for targeting specific nail issues, like dry and brittle nails, soft and brittle nails, and even short, stubborn nails that just won’t grow. These formulas tackle flaking, peeling, chipping, and overall weakness to save your fragile fingernails from further damage.

NAILS INC. NAILKALE SUPERFOOD BASE COAT : This superfood base coat is formulated with kale extract and keratin for hydration, nourishment, and anti-splitting protection, plus a glossy finish. It has glowing reviews on Sephora, with happy shoppers stating, “this absolutely revitalized my poor nails.”

ELLA+MILA FIRST AID KISS NAIL STRENGTHENER : Infused with Vitamin E, this nail strengthener is designed to treat weak, thin nails. Apply one coat of the strengthener every other day for a month to help stop brittleness in its tracks.

NAIL TEK MOISTURIZING STRENGTHENER 3 : With powerhouse ingredients like calcium, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A, this nail strengthener is beloved by Ulta shoppers, who claim the product “has worked miracles” on their thin, peeling nails.

ORLY NAILTRITION : If your short nails just won’t grow, look no further than this Orly nail growth treatment. Its ingredients include collagen, keratin, wheat protein, and bamboo extract to naturally encourage longer (and stronger) nails.

OPI NAIL ENVY NAIL STRAIGHTENER ORIGINAL FORMULA : If you love gel manicures, you’re probably no stronger to damaged nails. That’s where this nail strengthener comes in, fortifying nails with its calcium and hydrolyzed wheat protein ingredients. Bonus: It’ll also help your nails grow faster.



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